Winter Break Bucket List

I decided to do a little bucket list and show it to you. I want to actually do something different instead the same boring stuff. I encourage for you to do the same and its great for you to one day tell stories to people of what you did over the break. I want to put some art related things on the list since that is what i want to do.

Bucket List:
– Read a book.
– Learn new drawing techniques
– Take pictures of everything that fascinates you
– Learn more about your favorite artist
– Travel to different cities

this is is what i have now and i’m pretty sure i will do all of this. I want to share my experiences and the stories i will make. Don’t be afraid to try something new and different, you will never know, maybe you will feel happy you did what you did.

Note !

I am going to post a video on YouTube soon. Its gonna take forever but im trying to have patience.

Get To Know Your Paint

We all want to do some type of painting like on canvas or on a wall or on paper. Everyone has a type of way to do their art and its important to know what paint you use, so you don't end up in accidents. I will also tell you about certain brands of sketch pads and types of paper that can go well with the type of paint.

Acrylic Paint

Acrylic is soft and easy to use. It's not sticky nor too wet and its  a popular type when painting. Acrylic has been used mostly because of its texture that makes it likable to use, but most people who choose acrylic probably haven't used the other types to know how good acrylic is. You can put in details very well because it doesn't dry too fast like water color paint. You don't read need a specific kind of paper to be used for acrylic. It can go on a canvas material, water color paper, sketch pads, etc. Since the texture is softer than oil but thicker than water color, it can be used on anything.

Water Color

Water color is water based paint and i can see it has a limp texture. Water color can look easy to use, but if you don't practice techniques to properly how to use water color, you will end up in a mess. Unless your like abstract then the spills aren't a big deal. You can't use regular paper or any paper that is quite floppy and thin. You have to use thick water color paper so the water doesn't leak through and make the paper have wrinkles. Faber-Castell is one of the brands that sells water coloring paper with good quality.

Oil Paint

Oil base paint is very complicated to use especially if you are a beginner in art and trying to improve the skills to paint or someone who has painted for a long time and doesn't have enough experience to use oil paint well. The paint is not soft and easy to use, its very sticky and water doesn't help to take it off. There are specific brush you should use for oil painting. The brushes have Bristle hairs and sabel hair used for this type of paint. The paper oil uses is mostly canvas like because its think and smooth to run the brush through and helps the paint stay on it. Canson is a good brand that has canvas paper and its affordable if you can't get an actual canvas. having a sketch pad with canvas paper is good for anyone who wants to use oil paint, but can't afford an canvas itself.

Learning About Strokes

With Art you have to be precise of how you want your work to be done. Whether it’s about how much paint you put in and how thick the strokes should be. There has to be  limit to how you want to finish your piece. I’m gonna go through why the thickness of the stroke is important in painting and drawing.


When using strokes to make your picture it can be a bit chaotic. I get a bit afraid and nervous when I’m ready to put down the brush. I noticed how in a very detailed painting there is a bunch of small, and narrow strokes, but on the other hand, when using big and wide strokes, those tend to be messier. I began to wonder why artists do this. could it be time or the style. I thought of both and i see that detailed artist put a lot of time to make their work the way they like it. The messy artists takes little time to make their work wonderful and they use a short amount of strokes.


There is no conclusion to which work is better than the other since art is subjective. Everyone has a different point of view when it comes to art, so neither of them are bad. The style of the artist shouldn’t be compared with others who do their work differently. What we can do it figure out why they painted with that style. Visual analysation is what i call it and it helps people to know the reason why the artists painted that work.

Everyone Can Draw

Drawing is one of the skills people feel insecure about. It’s mostly about not being able to draw as well as the ones who have most experience. The belief and attitude prevents one to being able to do what they want to do and then they become unmotivated to do so. I have one day came across a video on YouTube from Ted Ed where Graham Shaw does a little drawing lesson and explains why people think they can’t draw, but turns it around to an inspiring message to lift the people who have those doubts.

Graham Shaw has shown people that even if they can’t draw like Micheal Angelo, they can still draw. From drawing Spike to showing a few  slides of a group who were stroke recovery who then drew spike as well, Graham Shaw explained and told how humble and inspiriting it felt to just help people to draw again. The crowd had a happy laugh every time they finished a drawing and that made Graham happy as well. Graham has explained the audience  that they didn’t just learned to draw but learned a sequence to draw many more cartoons. He taught them in steps from drawing the yes to the ears and hair. It was all so simple and easy to do, mostly anyone can do it and thats basically what graham was trying to say.

One of my hardest projects

One of my hardest projects to ever be done was The Skulls Of Dust. It was done on charcoal. It took days to be done, I even had to take a picture and finish at home. I didn’t think i would be able to do something like this. First time working with charcoal in your first semester in college, its nerve wrecking. I felt very under experienced unlike the people around me. That kind of changed my perspective a bit when i finished  drawing this.

I had challenges while finishing this piece. I fell in love with it so i wanted to keep it and make it my own. I had a terrible camera at the time, so getting the right shadow was tough. During the process of perfectionist as much as i can with details, i was at home. i was working on my floor and doing artwork gets uncomfortable after a while. My back was hurting and i was getting really tired, i wanted to finish already, but i felt as if what is done is not enough. I did what needed to be done and suffered the whole painful process. Next morning i took the piece and we had to critique it. everyone put there stuff up and we all critiques each of the pieces one by one. I can see people that have done better and quite worse than me, but i was proud in achieving to draw this project.