Everyone Can Draw

Drawing is one of the skills people feel insecure about. It’s mostly about not being able to draw as well as the ones who have most experience. The belief and attitude prevents one to being able to do what they want to do and then they become unmotivated to do so. I have one day came across a video on YouTube from Ted Ed where Graham Shaw does a little drawing lesson and explains why people think they can’t draw, but turns it around to an inspiring message to lift the people who have those doubts.

Graham Shaw has shown people that even if they can’t draw like Micheal Angelo, they can still draw. From drawing Spike to showing a few¬† slides of a group who were stroke recovery who then drew spike as well, Graham Shaw explained and told how humble and inspiriting it felt to just help people to draw again. The crowd had a happy laugh every time they finished a drawing and that made Graham happy as well. Graham has explained the audience¬† that they didn’t just learned to draw but learned a sequence to draw many more cartoons. He taught them in steps from drawing the yes to the ears and hair. It was all so simple and easy to do, mostly anyone can do it and thats basically what graham was trying to say.

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