Get To Know Your Paint

We all want to do some type of painting like on canvas or on a wall or on paper. Everyone has a type of way to do their art and its important to know what paint you use, so you don't end up in accidents. I will also tell you about certain brands of sketch pads and types of paper that can go well with the type of paint.

Acrylic Paint

Acrylic is soft and easy to use. It's not sticky nor too wet and itsĀ  a popular type when painting. Acrylic has been used mostly because of its texture that makes it likable to use, but most people who choose acrylic probably haven't used the other types to know how good acrylic is. You can put in details very well because it doesn't dry too fast like water color paint. You don't read need a specific kind of paper to be used for acrylic. It can go on a canvas material, water color paper, sketch pads, etc. Since the texture is softer than oil but thicker than water color, it can be used on anything.

Water Color

Water color is water based paint and i can see it has a limp texture. Water color can look easy to use, but if you don't practice techniques to properly how to use water color, you will end up in a mess. Unless your like abstract then the spills aren't a big deal. You can't use regular paper or any paper that is quite floppy and thin. You have to use thick water color paper so the water doesn't leak through and make the paper have wrinkles. Faber-Castell is one of the brands that sells water coloring paper with good quality.

Oil Paint

Oil base paint is very complicated to use especially if you are a beginner in art and trying to improve the skills to paint or someone who has painted for a long time and doesn't have enough experience to use oil paint well. The paint is not soft and easy to use, its very sticky and water doesn't help to take it off. There are specific brush you should use for oil painting. The brushes have Bristle hairs and sabel hair used for this type of paint. The paper oil uses is mostly canvas like because its think and smooth to run the brush through and helps the paint stay on it. Canson is a good brand that has canvas paper and its affordable if you can't get an actual canvas. having a sketch pad with canvas paper is good for anyone who wants to use oil paint, but can't afford an canvas itself.

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