Learning About Strokes

With Art you have to be precise of how you want your work to be done. Whether it’s about how much paint you put in and how thick the strokes should be. There has to be¬† limit to how you want to finish your piece. I’m gonna go through why the thickness of the stroke is important in painting and drawing.


When using strokes to make your picture it can be a bit chaotic. I get a bit afraid and nervous when I’m ready to put down the brush. I noticed how in a very detailed painting there is a bunch of small, and narrow strokes, but on the other hand, when using big and wide strokes, those tend to be messier. I began to wonder why artists do this. could it be time or the style. I thought of both and i see that detailed artist put a lot of time to make their work the way they like it. The messy artists takes little time to make their work wonderful and they use a short amount of strokes.


There is no conclusion to which work is better than the other since art is subjective. Everyone has a different point of view when it comes to art, so neither of them are bad. The style of the artist shouldn’t be compared with others who do their work differently. What we can do it figure out why they painted with that style. Visual analysation¬†is what i call it and it helps people to know the reason why the artists painted that work.

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