One of my hardest projects

One of my hardest projects to ever be done was The Skulls Of Dust. It was done on charcoal. It took days to be done, I even had to take a picture and finish at home. I didn’t think i would be able to do something like this. First time working with charcoal in your first semester in college, its nerve wrecking. I felt very under experienced unlike the people around me. That kind of changed my perspective a bit when i finished  drawing this.

I had challenges while finishing this piece. I fell in love with it so i wanted to keep it and make it my own. I had a terrible camera at the time, so getting the right shadow was tough. During the process of perfectionist as much as i can with details, i was at home. i was working on my floor and doing artwork gets uncomfortable after a while. My back was hurting and i was getting really tired, i wanted to finish already, but i felt as if what is done is not enough. I did what needed to be done and suffered the whole painful process. Next morning i took the piece and we had to critique it. everyone put there stuff up and we all critiques each of the pieces one by one. I can see people that have done better and quite worse than me, but i was proud in achieving to draw this project.

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